Bangkok Holidays Enjoy Amazing Blend of Tradition and Modernity

11/06/2014 11:03
Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and also one of the most visited tourist destinations. On the one hand, it is modern and fast-moving while on the other hand, it is quiet, slow and old-fashioned. Old and classy temples stand side by side modern skyscrapers, creating a skyline that is one and only in the entire world. It is indeed a fusion city where tradition and modernity blend in an amazing way to create something new, unique and exciting.
Bangkok is fascinating. It is known worldwide as the city of thousand temples. That’s true. You will come across a number of temples during your course of a sightseeing tour. Some temples are in themselves worth so much attention that you can’t avoid trips to these. There can be a number of other things to see and do here. So, begin surfing the web and find out cheap tickets to Bangkok visit at: If you are feeling any difficulty in that, you can contact a reliable travel company, such as Hoodaki, and obtain tremendous discounts.
  • Temples: The temples in Bangkok are in many different styles. It will indeed be a great experience to explore these landmarks of beauty and splendid architecture. The most famous among these are Wat Pho and Wat Arun. The former is known for the longest reclining Buddha image in Thailand whereas the latter, located just across the river, is widely acclaimed as a paragon of spectacular temple architecture. Among the other notable landmarks include Wat Trait Mit, which is home to the golden Buddha, the largest Buddha statue in the world made out of solid gold.
  • Shopping: Talking about the modern aspects of Bangkok holidays, shopping can be one of the things that you might be interested in. It is a fact that many people take London to Bangkok flights for nothing other than shopping. It is loved by tourists from around the world as a thrilling shoppers’ paradise. Visit Siam Paragon or Central World to enjoy the cutting edge shopping experience. It would be surprising for many to know that some of the biggest malls in Asia are located in this city.
  • Culture: Visit museums and art galleries to get insights into the colorful history and culture of Thailand. National Museum would be a great place to begin your Bangkok holidays. Another notable place to understand the culture of the land is the Grand Palace, which refers to a huge compound that mixes architectural influences from different regions of the world.
  • Local Markets: Another way to enjoy shopping is to explore the traditional markets, such as the highly popular weekend markets and the city’s own floating markets. Chatuchak Weekend Market is often regarded as the world’s largest weekend market, offering you a diverse mix of merchandise from different categories. Check with Hoodaki to obtain the latest information on British Airways flight tickets to Bangkok. You are sure to get the discount deal that you are looking for. Read Hoodaki reviews for more information.
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