Lahore A Fast Growing Tourist Destination in Pakistan

29/05/2014 11:02
Lahore is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Pakistan. Acknowledged as the cultural hub of the country, it is blessed with a number of interesting landmarks and places of historical significance that you simply can’t ignore it during your tour of Pakistan. Over the years it has also grown into a well-known place for fabulous shopping, recreation, dining and leisure. There can be a number of things to see and do with Lahore holidays.
As the political situation in Pakistan comes to normalcy, the cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad have begun to gain the attention of globe trotters. Lahore, particularly, has emerged as a fast growing tourist destination in Pakistan. As a result, the number of travelers taking flights from London to Lahore has increased several folds in recent years. If you are keen on booking a flight at the most affordable price, then visit: Hoodaki is one such agent, offering services from the UK. Book your flight and have a great time enjoying holidays with family.
  • Lahore Museum: The museum was established during the colonial period. Today, it houses a diverse array of objects that depict the true picture of the various periods of history. Visitors on Lahore holidays can find here everything from Buddhist art to Islamic artifacts and from the vintage manuscripts of Gandhara Period to things like jewelry, calligraphy, costumes and arms. A visit to the museum will offer you an insight into the magnificent history of Pakistan.
Lahore Museum
  • Lahore Zoo: Families with kids can also book London flights to Lahore for holidays. There can be a number of kid-friendly attractions that can offer a delightful experience to those coming here. Lahore Zoo is one of these attractions, offering children a big reason to enjoy their moments in the city. It is also one of the oldest wildlife areas developed in the continent. Vacationers can comfortably come here with kids and family to enjoy moments of peace, tranquility and fun amidst nature and wildlife.
  • Minar-e-Pakistan: A modern construction, Minar-e-Pakistan is an iconic landmark, representing the historical creation of the country. It is located on the same place where the commemoration of Pakistan tenacity was passed in 1940, demanding a separate nation for the muslims of the Indian sub-continent. Talking about Minar-e-Pakistan, it is a 60-meter-tall tower showcasing a brilliant combination of modern and mughal architectural styles.
  • Jehangir’s Tomb: Lahore is the city of many magnificent landmarks of architecture. Among the thrilling array of these landmarks include Jehangir’s Tomb, which is known for its classical style and peaceful setting. Located three miles from the city center, over the Ravi River, the tomb attracts visitors for its splendid construction, which is made up of marble and red sand clay bricks. Notable aspects of the architecture are the four corridors with flower beds and excellent geometric patterns.
Jehangir’s Tomb
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