Learn a Lesson in History with Rhodes Holidays

01/05/2014 14:19

The Greek Island of Rhodes is famous as the site of one of the ancient wonders of the world. It was the island where the Colossus of Rhodes was erected and remained stood for over half a century until destroyed by an earthquake. Rhodes can offer you a lesson in history with its many historical towns, landmarks and artifacts. However, people on holidays can also enjoy myriads of sunny beaches, lush green fields and traditional villages.

Travelers taking flights to Rhodes on holidays should definitely tour the medieval old town of the city of Rhodes, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides, the city has to offer historic landmarks, such as Rhodes Acropolis, the ruins of Kameiros, the Palace of Grand Masters and the Old Town. Make a splash in the waters of the Aegean Sea and enjoy plenty of happy moments with your family. At the same time, don’t forget to visit its famous landmarks and learn a lesson in history with Rhodes holidays.

  • Acropolis of Rhodes: Among the popular historical attractions in Rhodes is the Acropolis of Rhodes, which refers to the ruins of an ancient Greek building that can still leave you in awe with its majestic looks and architecture. Travelers on Rhodes holidays can easily find access to it though the coastal side. Located near the new town, the landmark captivates visitors with its awesome columns and platforms. A large number of travelers come here to learn a lesson in history and enjoy their holidays.
The Theatre at the Acropolis of Rhodes
  • Ancient Kameiros: If you are really keen on learning history, then you need to visit the site of ancient Kameiros, which is located at the west coast of the island. The village is thought to have founded during the Greek era of civilization. Among the major attractions in this part of the island are the various stone works that can give you an idea of how the city was like in that era. The ruins of ancient Kameiros are among the main attractions in Rhodes and attract a large number of tourists for an enriching vacation experience.
The ancient site of Kameiros
  • Rhodes Old Town: Your Rhodes holidays will not be complete unless you take a tour of the Old Town, which is a unique blend of several civilizations. It is the place where different civilizations came together to harmonize and take a unique characteristic. Visitors on Rhodes holidays with find here a boundary wall with different gates. Among the many worthwhile tourist attractions within the Old Town include the Palace of Grand Masters, the Archeological Museum and Turkish baths.
  • The Palace of Grand Masters: Though the original palace building has largely been destroyed, the remains still attract visitors who go on Rhodes holidays to take a lesson in history. You can only have praise for the breathtaking architecture, mosaic work and antique furniture that survived till date. Enjoy the gothic architecture and have lots of fun and entertainment at the Palace of Grand Masters. Book flights to Rhodes with an accomplished agent, such as Hoodaki, and enjoy a great vacation in budget.
The Palace of Grand Masters

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