Top Reasons to Travel to Crete for Holidays

25/04/2014 14:54

Crete, a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a great puller of tourists from around the globe. The Greek island has everything that might interests you – beaches, resorts, historical landmarks, interesting activities, museums, archaeological sites and beautiful scenery. There can be a number of reasons indeed. However, we present only a few top reasons to travel for holidays.

  • Beaches: Travelers taking flights to Crete will have at least a thousand kilometers of coastline at their disposal. Explore the coastline for coves, bays, peninsulas and beaches are among the top reasons to travel to Crete for holidays. Besides, the beaches cater to two different groups of vacationers. If you love the idea of a fun-filled and adventurous holiday break, then head for the northern coastal beaches. Those looking for peaceful experiences on their Crete holidays can, instead, enjoy the quiet and alluring charms of Southern Coast’s unspoiled beaches.
A beach in Crete
  • Archaeological Sites: If you are done with the magnificent coastline, you can now explore the island for its archaeological sites and historical landmarks. The long history of the island has left the island with numerous archaeological remains and evidences of its dramatic past. Among the top reasons to travel to Crete for holidays include the Minoan sites of Knossos and Phaistos, which are among the most popular attractions on the island. Besides, there are Roman and Ottoman ruins that attract scholars, historians and others on Crete holidays.
  • Museums: To get a clear picture of the island’s history and culture, museums can be helpful. The capital city, Heraklion, has a number of fantastic museums revealing the bygone eras in artifacts and art masterpieces. Among the top things to do in Crete is a visit to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum that contains the relics of the Minoan period. Another of the top reasons to travel to Crete for holidays is the Natural History Museum of Crete. Besides, there is a world-class aquarium also for tourists with family and kids.
Heraklion Archaeological Museum
  • Resorts: Another important reason to travel to Crete is the availability of a wide variety of resorts on the island. Most of these resorts are located near the beaches. As a result, you can easily find accommodations facing seafront and offering an easy access to the beaches. Moreover, the rooms are equipped with relaxing and luxurious features that can give you an exceptional experience of Crete holidays. Some of the most popular resorts include Malia, Elounda, Agia Galini and Lerapetra.
  • Beautiful Spots: The Island is filled with many beautiful spots offering scenic attractions. Travelers on Crete holidays can enjoy the sights of gorges, lakes, rivers and mountains. Enjoy the spectacular views and find numerous photo opportunities. Among the top reasons to travel to Crete for holidays include the Lefka Ori Mountains, which are popular for their history and attractions like the two deep caves. Similarly, Samaria Gorge is also popular with tourists on Crete holidays.
Lefka Ori Mountains

The capital of Crete is Heraklion, which is filled with restaurants, clubs and nightlife attractions. One more reason to enjoy Crete holidays is the budget flight deal being offered at Hoodaki, a leading travel company based in the UK.


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