Top Six Adventure Things to Do in Krabi for Fun

15/05/2014 10:58
If you wonder what the top six adventure things to do in Krabi for Fun are, then here is a list for those planning an adventure trip to this popular Thai destination.
  • Explore Krabi: One of the most important things to do in Krabi is to go exploring and discover gems of nature. Discover the limestone rock formations and spectacular beaches while you hop from one place to another, either on land or in the sea. Tour companies offer thrilling options for trips to nearby islands, including the incredible Phi Phi Island. Go sea kayaking and explore the marine attractions or go underwater with a diving or snorkeling session to see some really amazing sights. Exploring Krabi is in itself one of the top six things to do in Krabi for fun.
  • Climb Rocks: Krabi is a great destination for rock climbing because of its unique topography, which is characterized by an abundance of sedimentary rocks and limestone cliffs. For Rock climbers from around the world take flights to Krabi for an unforgettable adventure experience, visit at: Ton Sai is an ideal destination if you are new to rock climbing. Explore the beautiful landscape to find many more challenging spots for rock climbing, which is certainly one of the top six adventure things to do in Krabi for fun.
  • Enjoy Nightlife: Though Krabi is reputed as a more family-friendly holiday destination than a nightlife spot, tourists seeking nightly entertainment would not be disappointed. Ao Nang Beach resort area is a hub for the tourists seeking entertainment after the sun has set. You will find plenty of bars and restaurants at the resort area, which continue to serve well past midnight. It would be a good experience to enjoy a relaxed, quiet nightlife, which would be one of the top six fun things to do in Krabi if you love nightlife adventure.
  • Go down the Sea: Book flights to Krabi for a holiday trip between November and March. This is the season when most divers throng the region for some great experiences. If you are not much into scuba diving, then you can go for snorkeling which is an ideal way to see the coral reefs. The Phi Phi Island and its surrounding waters are good for a memorable diving experience. Fly to Thailand and enjoy one of the top adventure things to do in Krabi for fun.
  • Go Biking: It is possible to rent a bike in the Ao Nang resort area. Moreover, you can also find a thrilling cycling loop that passes through some of the most beautiful areas in the region. The road goes through old villages and groves of coconut trees. Bike riders can really enjoy the thrill of cycling on a route that is nearly 20 miles in length. Biking can definitely be classified among the top six adventure things to do in Krabi for fun.
  • Plan a Day Trip: There are a number of places where you can go out for a day. For example, you can plan a day trip to Wat Tham Seua, which is the largest temple in Krabi and is popular as Tiger Cave Temple among the locals. Climbing a flight of over a thousand steps would be one of the top six adventure things to do in Krabi for fun.

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